Apple Pencil for IPad Pro: A Digital Art Goldmine

Product name: Apple Pencil for IPad Pro
Company name: Apple Inc.
Type of product: Digital Art Supplies
Guarantee: 15 day return policy & 1 year warranty
My review: 10/10

The Apple Pencil for IPad Pro: the digital art goldmine
My apple pencil!

If you’ve already heard the hype about the Apple Pencil and you’re reading this post just to learn more about the details, then you’ve already got some idea about how great this invention actually is for digital artists! You might already have an idea why I’ve called it the digital art goldmine. If not, then I will do my very best to do it justice.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Picture photoshop except that you can do everything by hand. No more using the mouse to do everything – but instead using your Apple Pencil!

The Apple Pencil is specially designed with the IPad to be pressure sensitive so that the harder you press, the darker and wider your lines will appear. This also makes things like shading possible! And voila, a new age of graphic design is born…

You might be thinking that Wacom has already invented tablets just for this. And while this is true, there’s like 4 different tablets that you would have to buy for all the effects. And then there’s the “Pro” tablets etc. But with the Apple Pencil you just need the 1 pencil and then there are apps for everything else.Review on the Apple Pencil for IPad Pro

Also if you’ve ever played with an Apple Pencil before then you know that the feel of it is unparalleled – by Wacom or anyone else. It’s just so much more natural because of the super sensitive pressure sensing of the pen. For example, you turn it to the side the slightest bit and you’ve got yourself a slightly thicker line. You vary the pressure and the opacity changes accordingly.

The Apple Pencil for IPad Pro only means for IPad Pro

If you don’t have an IPad or – even more infuriatingly – you have an IPad that’s not an IPad Pro, then you have a decision to make. Because, yes it is 100% true that you need the IPad Pro for the Apple Pencil to work.

Trust me, I know the struggle because I had an IPad Air… And yep, that means I had to buy a brand spanking new IPad Pro for basically a million dollars just to use the Apple Pencil. And you can bet that I looked long and hard for another stylus that might get the job done (including the Wacom stylus!) and every single one of them didn’t even come close.

I would say this compatibility issue is the biggest and really only drawback because that’s one very expensive product. You would in fact be able to buy several Wacom tablets for the price of 1 of these. And that’s certainly a valid option but I would still advocate for the Apple Pencil and I’ll tell you why…

From art to business – the Apple Pencil gets 1st place

Example of what is possible with the Apple Pencil for IPad Pro on Procreate
One of the preset drawings

Looking back, I’ve never made a better decision. It is honestly the goldmine for digital art. I mean just look at what’s possible (on the left is one of the examples that came with Procreate, which was done with the Apple Pencil). But beyond that, it’s even useful for school, work and business related things.

Whenever you need to jot down notes super quickly or things that you don’t want to or can’t type out – it’s the solution! For example, I have trouble remembering things that I type. I really need to write them out to retain them so if you’re like me but you also hate paper then you’ve got your solution for school!

For work and business related tasks, it can be annoying to type everything out when you want to brainstorm ideas or sketch out quick graphs. Well don’t worry because that’s now no longer an issue with the Apple Pencil.

I mean yes, taking notes with other styluses is somewhat functional but the frequent and annoying glitches have always prevented me from actually using them. When every few seconds you get a lag, a line that doesn’t show up or the line shows up like an inch from where you actually drew it, it really tries your patience.

But I honestly use my Apple Pencil for everything now and have converted to a paper free of running basically my whole life even though I just recently got it! I haven’t been able to do any real artwork with it yet – but I did have some fun and design a “new logo” for Imaginecreatedo! Let me know what you guys think 🙂New logo for Imaginecreatedo made with the Apple Pencil for IPad Pro

Also here’s a quick video below that I made on drawing a baby penguin. As you can probably tell by my random sketches here and there, I’m still getting the hang of it!

Also, as a side note, this video was generated by the Procreate app itself – yet another perk of using this system.

Don’t worry though because I’ll be playing with it a lot and I’ll be sure to start uploading more videos for you guys. That way you’ll be able to see exactly how everything works and how cool the technology up close and personal.

Thinking logically – the evolution of applications vs. tablets

Another reason that I would recommend going for the Apple Pencil and just bite the bullet and get the IPad Pro (if you don’t already have one) is because the possibilities are truly endless. You aren’t confined by anything. Think of it this way – which one do you think evolves faster: applications or tablets?

I would bet that you answered apps and you would be right! Applications are coming out left, right and centre. It takes a hell of a lot longer to develop an entire tablet system.

So if it were the case that there is a tablet out there that has a few features that you can’t get with the Apple Pencil + IPad Pro system right now, it won’t be the case for long.

But wait a second! Is that even the case now?

Let’s look at a comparison of the most commonly used graphic design tablets by Wacom and the best application to date for graphic design with the Apple Pencil + IPad Pro system.

Wacom Intuos vs. Procreate & the Apple Pencil for IPad Pro

Procreate is a graphic design with some awesome features that you can buy for less than ten bucks. And I would argue that it actually does better than any of the individual Wacom tablets. Why? Well because it’s not just for sketching or for comics or for painting.

Color wheel and swatches on Procreate
Color wheel and paint swatches

You can do everything that you can do with all of the Wacom tablets combined using just the one application. Furthermore, I would argue that the you get a much more natural feel with Procreate.

You can literally tweak every single aspect of each drawing setting. From the thickness, to the taper, to the jitter. You can even go as far as changing how the pen responds to pressure in terms of opacity. And as you can see below, there’s tons of them! Pencils, ink pens, brushes, airbrushes and artistic settings.

Lots of different brushes to choose from on Procreate
Selection of inking brushes

I would be shocked if you thought of an effect that you couldn’t produce using these settings. I’ve been able to do everything from calligraphy to oil painting to pencil sketches to airbrushing! And if I’m not happy with a brush, I can tweak it to exactly the settings that I want.

You can change the brush settings
Customizing brush settings

What are you waiting for? Either start buying or saving now!

Normally in my reviews, I tell you my honest opinion about a product or a course whether it’s good or not. I’ll also give you the pros and cons and then provide you with a link to where you can buy it or enrol if you’re interested.

But I honestly can’t contain myself here. If you are serious about being an artist, you 100% need this. It will make every other software you’ve ever used seem like a joke. Here’s a video from YouTube by James Julier drawing the sky so you get even more of a feel for what’s possible with a little practice:

And you better not be thinking right now “well I only am really interested in pencil sketching on a piece of paper” or something like that. If you are, you are limiting yourself as an artist and you need to start reading some of my other articles right now starting with going to the top of this page and clicking on “Challenges”.

If you want to be truly successful and you want to thrive, you’ve got to start exploring! And there’s really no better way than with the Apple Pencil. It allows you so much versatility to try something new virtually every day! And who knows what other apps Apple will come out with in the next few years?

==> Click here for the Goldmine! <==

Shoot any comments or questions that you have below and I’ll get back to you ASAP 🙂

Happy creating!

8 Replies to “Apple Pencil for IPad Pro: A Digital Art Goldmine”

  1. Hi,

    Very interesting product you are promoting…Personally, I’ve spent countless hours on Photoshop and it seems like this pencil will save me a lot of time.I’m just amazed by the capabilities this pencil has. Also just as a note, your website has such beautiful images! And I like how there are artists that you’re promoting in your sidebar – super inspiring.

    1. Hey Adrian!

      Thanks for your positive feedback! The artists that we feature are winners of competitions we hold every once in a while at the end of the month. We’ll probably host another at the end of October, which you’re free to enter if you’re interested! Simply contact us for more information 🙂

      And yes I understand your frustration with Photoshop as I’ve also spent long hours with it too! This is a huge change and definitely one worth trying out. You can always head over to your nearest Apple store and try it out in the store to see how you like it before you purchase!



  2. Nice review of the Apple Pencil. I enjoyed the video. It helped me actually see how to use it and what the potential of it is. Are there any similar products like this that are not made by Apple?

    1. Hey Marlinda!

      There are the Wacom Intuos tablets which have a very similar concept to them – we actually wrote a review of the “Draw” tablet. You can check it out here if you’re interested 🙂 These are definitely a less expensive alternative! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Nice review of the Apple Pencil. I enjoyed the video. It helped me actually see how to use it and what the potential of it is as someone who has no idea about digital art. Actually I am quite amazed with this technology. I also liked that you compared it to similar products. Enjoyed this post and learned a lot.

    1. Hey Marlinda!

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and the video 🙂 Just recently uploaded another one where I’m just testing it out for fun! So you can get an idea of what you can do with it without having much practice at all. The interface with Procreate is really intuitive to use and it’s fun to test out all the different brushes and tools.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!



  4. Nice post! This is the first time I heard of the Apple Pencil. It’s nice that you mentioned that this can only be used for the IPad Pro. I bet a lot of people who don’t have IPad Pro would had purchased it and found out they couldn’t use it. I bet many artists would prefer to use something like this.

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Yeah the Apple Pencil definitely should have been advertised more by Apple in my opinion. It’s such an amazing tool and yet so few people know about it. I 100% agree with you, however, that it is easy to make the mistake of purchasing it assuming it will work with the regular IPads. It’s a shame that it doesn’t but the technology really makes it worthwhile!



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