Why is Imagination Important, It has no Limits

why is imagination important

Imagination can lead to anywhere, anyone and anything. It has been vital to achieving greatness across all fields, namely art. So how critical is imagination in life? I would say very. And why is imagination important? Well, let’s see…

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Why People Love Art – It’s like a Piece of Candy

Why people love art - it's like a piece of candy

The following is a guest post by Devine, a contributor to our site and a woman who isn’t afraid to express her artistic nature! Here’s her take on why people love art and why it’s so important…

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Can You Learn to Draw like a Professional?

can you learn to draw like a professional

If you’re a fine artist or simply an artistic person, you’ve probably asked can you learn to draw like a professional? Maybe you’ve even given a few portraits and some animal sketches a true effort. But they didn’t come close to meeting your expectations or maybe they did but either way you just don’t know how to get better.

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