Challenge of The Day

I post different art challenges on my blog to spark the creativity of artists. Creativity is something that can be enhanced and different art challenges help you do it. In this blog post, I’ll tell you what is our challenge of the day and I want you to do it if you want to learn.

Challenge of the day


Importance of challenges

Challenges are very important for many reasons. I personally think that when we challenge ourselves to do something, we can actually do that. Even if something is difficult to achieve, but, if you challenge yourself that you will achieve it one day. Then this challenge will push you to achieve your goal.

Challenges push us out of our comfort zone and this is very important for an artist. If you are an artist and you want to be successful, the only way by which you can do it is to push yourself towards success. And this is what art challenges do.

Challenges also do not let you get bored. Almost all art challenges are fun and exciting to do. Not only you learn a lot but you can also have a lot of fun. You can also invite your friends to come over and accompany you.

Here are top 10 reasons to challenge yourself.

Challenge of The Day 2Apart from all of this, challenges also allow us to be creative. Whether you are finding a solution for a problem or just figuring out what the problem is, whether you are painting or making a sketch of your friend. It really does not matter what is your challenge. What matters is how creative you become to try to achieve your target.

Who should take art challenges?

Art is dispersed in the whole world. Everything involves art. If you look at nature, you’ll find the beauty of art in it. If you look at man-made items, still you will find art in it. Therefore, it does not matter who you are or what you do. Anyone can take an art challenge.

Whether you are a painter or a musician, a graphic designer or a sculptor, you can find art challenges related to your interest. Imaginecreatedo is all about art. I write for all artists and I cover a wide range of topics that are specifically written for artists. If you are an artist, you will find interesting information related to your interests in this blog.

Types of art challenges

There are different types of art challenges that you can do. Some challenges are related to big projects and they take some time. Whereas other art challenges are smaller projects and can be done on regular basis.Types of art challenges

You can choose whatever art challenge suits your schedule. You can make a yearly plan and complete different art challenges in one year. On the other hand, you can also make a weekly or daily plan of art challenge and follow it.

Fun Art Challenges List – Better Get Creative!

It does not matter how often you do it. What matters is that you actually do it. I strongly recommend taking different art challenges because they are useful if you want to become a professional. If you are just a beginner, then you can choose different art challenges to improve your art.

So, what is our challenge of the day?

So, here comes the exciting part. I’ve selected a challenge for you to do it today.

Theme/topic of the day


Challenge of the day

Create a painting within 45 minutes.So, what is our challenge of the day

Rules of the challenge

Here are some of the rules related to this challenge and you must follow these rules:

  •          Set your timer to 45 minutes only.
  •          Do not exceed the time limit.
  •          You cannot get help from any person or the internet. The only source of help is your imagination.
  •          Painting should only be according to the theme.
  •          Follow all rules!!

What can you learn from this challenge?

This challenge of the day seems pretty easy. But, you can learn a lot by doing it. This challenge will help you to focus more on your painting. It will help you to concentrate more. The time limit will prevent you from being lazy because you will know that you will have to finish the painting within given time.

This art challenge will push you to be creative and energetic. Comment below to let me know what you have learned through this art challenge.

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