We post simple artistic challenges for self-improvement. We believe that the key to greatness in art is to continuously push oneself forward. The challenges we post are specifically designed with you in mind to keep pushing you further as a person, an artist and a professional.

Simple artistic challenges for self-improvement

They are simple tests that don’t take a long time or hard labor to accomplish but they do push you and may make you uncomfortable. As an artist it is important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable – especially if you want to become a professional. Below are the types of challenges that we will post.

Challenge type #1: Personal challenges

We post challenges that will push you on a personal level and test how well you understand your emotions, how well you control your mind and how well connected you are with your soul. These are made to help you achieve the imaginecreatedo lifestyle. They are meant to help you control your emotions and connect with your spirit so that you can really draw upon it when you are creating.

Challenge type #2: Artistic skill challenges

art-challengesFurthermore, you will see challenges that are aimed specifically to improve your skill as an artist. Whether you sketch, paint, write or practice photography or digital art – we have challenges for you to help you get better.

We cannot force you to do these but we strongly recommend them to anyone who is serious about improving their craft. You can watch thousands of tutorials and attend colleges and classes but unless you are willing to really push yourself and practice, you won’t end up getting anywhere.

Challenge type #3: Professional challenges

Finally, there are also professional challenges. These are for anyone who already sells their artwork or wants to start selling their artwork. We do encourage you to start your own online business; however, we also post challenges related to using existing platforms and personal connections to help promote your work.

Overall, posted challenges are written to help keep you innovative, creative, inspired by continuously pushing your boundaries. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to see more of specific types of challenges or if you have any other suggestions for us. We are always open to your comments!

Start our simple artistic challenges for self-improvement HERE! Also you can check us out on Instagram HERE as we often post challenges there as well! 

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