Digital Art Definition

If you are an artist or not, you might have heard the term “Digital Art”. In this era of modern technology, art has also changed its shapes and people have tried to modernize it. In this blog post, I’ll cover the digital art definition and how it has become an important part of our lives.

We all are lucky that we are in living in this age of technology. Almost every day, we see beautiful artistic work done by people with the help of technology. The term “Digital Art” is used generally to represent the practice of artists who use digital technology in their art work.Digital Art Definition

With the help of digital technology, creativity, and imagination, artists can create mesmerizing art and enhance the presentation of art that they have already produced. Art has evolved greatly over years and digital technology has revolutionized almost every type of art including painting, music, video making, drawing etc.

The term “digital art” was introduced in the early 1980s. This term came into existence when the paint program was introduced and used by a well-known artist named Harold Cohen. I’m sure you all know a lot about paint program.

Harold Cohen was one of the pioneering digital artists who made the great contribution to this field. Digital art can be any sort of art that uses technology. It may be created with the help of a computer, a tablet, a smartphone etc.

Whether a photo is edited and enhanced with the help of a photoshop or a new design is created completely by using a computer, everything will be counted under digital art.

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Digital Art Definition

Following are the definitions of digital art. These definitions are quotations from famous digital artists who have mastered the digital art.

“Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process.”

Christiane Paul

“Digital Art: Nomenclature for visual art forms created prior to the digital age–painting, printing, sculpting, etc.–that now employ digital technology and virtual tools to replace or build upon former physical tools and substrates, while keeping in place such long-held protocols like editioning, which cannot be overstated as critical to the understanding and value of each rendered piece.

Omni Art: Nomenclature for intentional works of creativity–usually defined as art–that may or may not exist well within the bounds of historically understood visual art categories–painting, drawing, mixed-media, sculpting, poetry, dance, etc.–terms once applicable and useful in identifying all styles and types of artistic work products prior to the industrial revolution and the subsequent digital age. These forms of art, often called new media, are currently made possible and shaped by the rise of electronic devices, like video games, capable of capturing and/or creating moving images, and include projects that employ entirely or in part electronic, biological, mechanical, digital or other tools used creatively for work products that are virtual and/or physical, and possibly interactive or ephemeral in nature, in which editioning may or may not be relative.”

Max Eternity

History of Digital Art

History of art is very rich and digital art has brought a great change in art. It has changed the way we see and create art. But, the term “Digital Art” is not too old. Some of the first projects that we find in the history of digital art are digital images and texts.History of Digital Art

Some of the famous historians of digital art are Christiane Paul, Mario Costa, Edward A. Shanken, and Robert C. Morgan. They have made great contributions in the field and are considered as theorists of the digital art.

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Types of Digital Art

There are different fields of digital art including animation, photography, graphic design and music etc. Following are some of the common types of digital art:

  •         3D Models
  •          Games
  •          Animations
  •          Websites
  •          Music
  •          Electronic sound
  •          Illustrations
  •          Digital Images

Digital art is a beautiful combination of art, science, and technology. It has greatly enhanced the beauty of art and creativity of artists.

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Benefits of Digital Art

Some of the benefits of digital art are:Benefits of Digital Art

Accurate duplication

One of the best feature and benefit of digital art is that it can be duplicated easily and with complete accuracy. This is not possible with any other type of art. If you want to copy any other type of art, that will be considered as a copy. But, if you want to copy digital art, you will actually be reproducing original work.

It can be stored forever

Another great benefit of digital at is that it can be stored forever as a file on your computer. It cannot be harmed by any other external object. Even if you store it for a very long time, it will not be changed.It can be stored forever

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It comes with unlimited possibilities

Digital art comes with an unlimited number of possibilities. You can change it in any way you want. Even if you want to change the color of an image, you will have millions of options. Digital art allows you to be creative in any way you want. The only limit is your own imagination.

Here are some tips for you if you are a beginner:

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