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Stella Chang is an artist and the founder of ModaRévisé Creative Studio. One of her goals in the creation of this studio was to become a visual artist with focus in the “mind.”

Artistic statement – focusing on the “mind”

The human mind fascinates me because of the many ways it can respond to human conditions. I am driven to delve into the complexities of emotion and cognitive function to investigate the mental landscape. Between the delicate balance of striving for a healthy mind and fearing to only have a diseased one, I am at once excited by what I might learn, as much as I am terrified by what I might reveal. Though the impetus for my work is deeply personal, I invite viewers to explore and consider the workings of their own mental landscapes.

Stella creates conceptual and mixed media prints in limited edition, mixed media installation, narrative illustrations (Children’s Book and Movie concept art). Highlighted here is her Dukkha Series. Dukkha, or Sanskirt for suffering and pain, is a conceptual mixed media series that explores this deeply personal yet universal human condition. Her objectives were to visually explore various reactions elicited by Dukkha, be it mental, emotional, or the physical, all the while conditioned by social, cultural, gender, and other forms of moral construct we are subjected to.

The Dukkha series in conceptual mixed media

Dukkha I by Stella Chang ModaRevise Creative Studio
“The opposite of happiness is not anger but sadness instead.” – Stella
Dukkha III by Stella Chang ModaRevise Creative Studio
“When there’s pain we look everywhere for cure, for respite, and hopefully for an end to the suffering. But sometimes, some of us look within and discover what we are made of despite the pain.” – Armas
Dukkha V by Stella Chang ModaRevise Creative Studio
“Break It.” – Armas
Dukkha VI by Stella Chang ModaRevise Creative Studio
“How about…. The boy in the plastic bubble trying to break out.” – James MacLean
Dukkha VIII by Stella Chang ModaRevise Creative Studio
“Are you afraid of pain?” “No, you grow from it.” – Lulu Bonhomme

 Significant achievements by the artist

  1. It’s a Cutout World Series, EV8 Group Show, EMOA Space Gallery, NY March 2014
  2. Soul Stealer, concept illustrator for award winning short film directed by Shawn Spitler, Canada International Film Festival, 2014.
  3. Cheers, Jordan’s Winery 40th Anniversary 4 on 4 Art Competition, Second Place, 2012.
  4. Restaurant and Hospitality English Manuel Vol. 1- 3, Illustrations, published by Dr. Pearl Lin of School of Hotel and Management, Taiwan, 2008 – 2009.
  5. Fashion Illustrations for Venice Ltd., published on Brand Magazine, Taiwan, 2008.
  6. Jump, Solo Video Installation, Rosenberg Gallery, NY 2006.
  7. 100 Wishes, Children’s Illustrated Story, published by cancer survivor Regan Liu, Taiwan, 2004.

Contacting the artist & more information

If you like the work here, and want to know more, please visit Stella’s website www.modarevise.com or her Instagram page: @modarevise.

Also, feel free to contact her at stella@modarevise.com for collaboration, commissioned works or simply say hi! To purchase Stella’s artworks please go to ArtVogue Gallery UK.

5 Replies to “Featuring ModaRévisé Creative Studio”

  1. Stella Chang is so amazing! I love the “The opposite of happiness is not anger but sadness instead.” – Stella one. Usually I’m not brave enough to see anything even just a little bit scary, but I could actually take a close look and feel it ! Would love to see more!

  2. My gosh, such beautiful pictures, I LOVE Stella’s website as i was always interested artists of these kind
    Thanks for spreading the word! 😀

  3. I discovered your site on google and checked out a couple of of your earlier posts! Continue to maintain up the quite great operate. I just added your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader 🙂 Looking forward to reading a lot more from you later on!

    1. Hey Brandon! Thanks for your comment and positive feedback 🙂

      Definitely let me know if there’s anything in specific you want to read and learn more about!


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