The Imaginecreatedo Philosophy

What is the Imaginecreatedo philosophyYou can implement the principles of the Imaginecreatedo philosophy to improve your art and your life. Our philosophy breaks down into 3 main principles: imagination, creation and action.

Honestly if I was where I was even a few years ago I would probably scoff at the idea. It would sound so abstract to me, so oversimplified, and so far fetched. I would feel like I was back in grade school with my teacher preaching at me to explore my imagination.

A few years ago I thought that I needed lots of cold hard cash, a magician to give me Da Vinci’s talent and a plastic surgeon. Then maybe, just maybe my life would be better. But honestly, these things are NOT what I needed. I had everything I needed and SO DO YOU.

Breaking down the Imaginecreatedo philosophy

In Artistic Development, I talked specifically about developing an understanding of yourself through internal reflection and awareness. How to control your body and then your thoughts, thus allowing yourself to tap into deeply buried creativity and imagination.

Be an Imaginecreatedo artistThink of yourself and your mind as an empty canvas instead of one filled with a bunch of chaos. You have control over what you fill the canvas with!

To help artists take advantage of  this control and apply it to their work, we developed Imaginecreatedo. It is basically a way of life for artists that we live by because we find it helps us live happier lives and create better art! The overall concept is simple :

  1. Imagine. You must exercise your imagination as often as you can. It’s not enough for our brains just to dream during the night or reluctantly brainstorm ideas when forced at work or at school. Your brain NEEDS to expand, it NEEDS to be fed and the way to do that is through imagination.
  2. Create. This is the bridge between your imagination and the external world. It is the process of bringing something that you’ve imagined and something that lives inside your mind only out into the world for others to see.
  3. Do. This is the last but most difficult part. Now that you have imagined and you have created, you need to take action. You need to do whatever you need to to get your work seen, to get it heard, to get it to the people who will benefit from it most. This is the part where you share with the world, where you put yourself out there and where you become a professional.

How to take back control of your life

I promise you that you have everything at your disposal right now to improve your work and your life. I keep talking about improving your life because if you hate your life, your work will suffer and vice versa.

All you need to do is mentally re-train yourself and then put that training into action. In today’s world, there are so many things that train us to be unhappy:

  1. The school system forcing us to learn things we not only DON’T WANT TO LEARN but things we WILL NEVER USE IN OUR LIVES
  2. The workplace forcing us to work longer hours in stressful, monotonous jobs only to end up with a paycheque that barely covers these expenses
  3. More and more complicated, annoying automated systems that often don’t work properly we have to go through just to get errands done or talk to customer service people
  4. Flawless male and female figures on every advertisement left, right and a centre subconsciously conveying to us that we aren’t sexy enough (and therefore we should buy X, Y, & Z products to make us more sexy)
  5. More and more overnight success stories from millionaires & billionaires being spread by the press and scamy advertisements on the internet about how “you can do it too!”

Etc. etc. etc.

If you find yourself being caught up by these things or generally just being caught up with the stressors of everyday life, then click here to learn how to regain control.

Imaginecreatedo to improve your artwork and your life

Tap into your creativity You need to re-train the way that you think and you need to put this training into action.

You need to STOP your mind from processing things negatively by starting to IMAGINE, then you need to start CREATING the lifestyle that you want by DOING everything required to get there.

It sounds simple but its not – a battle with your own mind is never simple. And just like training to retrain a dog once its learned bad habits, trying to retrain yourself is even harder because you’re on both sides of the battlefield.

Contact us and we will do everything we can to help you on your journey imagine, create, do and we guarantee that you’ll see the difference.

Comment below on your thoughts or your own philosophies that have helped you!

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