How about writing for us, artists?

Do you find that as an artist, you have things on your mind that you would like to say but nowhere to say them?  Well, how about writing for us where you can share all of this with likeminded artists just like you? The more you share, the more our community will share back with you!

Artists just tend to think differently

find it hard to express your ideas to friends and family

Do you find yourself having thoughts you don’t really feel comfortable or right voicing out loud to your friends or family? Even if you do feel comfortable – is it something you feel needs to be spread far and wide? What about an artistic philosophy? Or a way of thinking?

This may be the perfect place to just say what you wanna say. Especially if you have a new idea you want to test! You’ll never know if its good unless you try. And who knows, you may even find new partners, colleagues, and even friends. People who finally get where you’re coming from.

Finally, someplace to just say what you want to say

how about writing for usHere at Imaginecreatedo, we’ve developed our own artistic philosophy; however, this doesn’t mean this is the “only” one or even that it’s the “right” one. All it means is that we’ve found it useful and wanted to share it with you! If you have something useful that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! And all our readers and your fellow artists would as well.

This is an open and welcoming community, free from judgment and negativity. You can definitely share what’s on your mind here without any worry. Feel free to stay anonymous or share who you are and where you’re from! Just let loose and tell us what you really think.

So, how about writing for us?

If any of this sounded interesting or exciting to you, then keep reading to write for us. All you have to do is send us an e-mail at and state than you would like to write an article for our site.

just-send-us-an-email-anytimeAlternatively, please head on over to our home page and scroll to the bottom to become part of our community, through which you’ll get some other options as well. In addition to writing for us, these include being featured our site as well as being entered in artsy contests for prizes! We’ll e-mail you and you can respond to us with your article, questions or comments.

We very much look forward to working with you!


Kathy from The Imaginecreatedo Team

Our policies

Please be aware that we are a brand new site and as such, yours will be one of the first guest posts on our site. If at any point you decide that the site does not fit with you or your goals, please let us know and we will take your article down no questions asked. Please note that we cannot accept articles which contain blatantly hateful or offensive material such as racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate content. Also, please refrain from stuffing your content with links as this is poor SEO and Google will not rank your article. We recommend up to 3 links MAX per article. If you exceed this, we will remove extraneous links at our discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

2 Replies to “How about writing for us, artists?”

  1. Wow what a cool invitation! As crazy busy as I am I’ve bookmarked it. I certainly would like to read more here and maybe I’ll get something written that will fit in!

    1. Your site is very unique and interesting – we love your work! We would be delighted to feature you.

      Feel free to let us know when you get the chance 🙂


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