How to improve drawing skills

Drawing is a skill which requires knowledge about this field, excessive practice, motivation and positive thoughts. The simplest way to draw effectively needs some sequential steps so if you really want to know that how to improve drawing skills then you just need to follow some specific steps (that I am going to discuss in this blog post) and I assure you that you will definitely improve it the way you are expecting.

How to improve drawing skills

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Let me clear one misconception that “you can’t learn how to draw if you weren’t born gifted” is purely a false statement that people have in their minds and after reading this blog post, you will realize that it is only a myth and nothing else.

In this blog post, I will share some tips how to improve your drawing skills.

How to improve drawing skills

So, are you ready to learn how you can master the art of drawing? Continue reading!

Daily practice

Practice is the most important thing that you can do to improve your drawing skills. You should practice daily even if you do it for 20 minutes. Most of the researchers stated that it takes around 18 to 245 days to practice new habit and the practice should be conscious even if it’s a simple doodle.

Follow your schedule

Set a proper time schedule and follow it every day. Put reminders on your mobile that will surely help you to stay on the track. And another thing that I would recommend is that read different drawing instruction books because it will help you to increase knowledge and it will also help you to enhance your performance.

Start drawing familiar shapes

If you are new to the drawing and you want to learn it then I would suggest that you should start drawing familiar shapes first. You can draw ordinary and random things that are present in your room, for example, flower, table, chair, pen etc.  Those things you see every day will be easier for you to start with.

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Try drawing items you love the most

Do you love coffee? just take a pencil and make a sketch of your coffee cup, I assure you that you will make it in a more better way instead of making a shape of any other thing that you dislike, so the point I want to clarify here is that do practice the item which you are obsessed with.

When you love something, you work hard and put your all efforts in it. Therefore, I would suggest that if you are a beginner then try drawing those things that you love most.

Take a sketchbook while traveling

Always carry a sketchbook while traveling to school, college, market or even vacation because it will boost up your interest more and u will no longer forget to draw every day.

Usually, it happens that beginners face problems in keeping a record and sometimes they forget to practice on regular basis. So, a sketchbook will help you to avoid this problem.

Join an art school

An art school helps you to polish your drawing skills and to find out your hidden talents, abilities and build up your confidence. Another benefit of joining an art school is that it also gives you the courage to draw and whatever difficulty you will face while drawing, your teachers will always be there as mentors to help you with your problems.

Share your work on different online platforms

Another tip that I would give you is that try to share your work with friends and professionals in your field. Show your work at different online platforms such as blogs, Instagram etc. I know at the start, you will feel a little hesitation but try to think of a different aspect because showing your work to the world will open the door of opportunities and appreciation. So, just believe in yourself and give it a chance.

Pros of improving drawing skills

  • Allows brain to think and brainstorm.
  • Activates mind and let it observe more.
  • One must have to think while drawing and it will improve recalling skills.
  • Helps to release hidden emotions through drawing.
  • Increases the stamina to try again and again until you complete it.
  • It raises the ability to concentrate for a lot of time.
  • It gives you the courage to complete the tasks on regular basis.
  • Through practice, it keeps the motivation level high among the learners.

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In the end, I would only say that draw with passion and try to improve it with every passing day, It will boost up your confidence, way of expression and observation. You just need to believe in yourself and practice a lot, be positive and always try to fulfill your commitments towards work.

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