How to make a living as an artist

Art is a vast field and an artist can be a writer, a painter, a sculptor, a musician, an actor, a dancer or anyone who can create any kind of art. It doesn’t matter which one you are, you can make living by using your art. Not anyone is an artist.

Today, I will cover how to make a living as an artist no matter what kind of artist you are.How to make a living as an artistClick here to read about some of the best art challenges that you can do.

Market yourself

The first and one of the most important steps for an artist to make a living is to market himself. Make your own blog or website and present your art. Promote yourself using social media, get as much benefit from social media accounts as you can. Make your account or pages on all the famous social media networks including Facebook page, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram and any other social network including any local social network. Represent yourself, let people know your name and your work. It will increase chances for you to get recognized by some professionals as well. Here is a quick guide to art and money.

Work with other artists

Be friendly, search for other struggling artists and make new friends. Ask them how they are working, share your ideas with each other and work together. Sharing ideas and thoughts can give you the inspiration to work harder. If you get an opportunity to meet any successful artist, ask him what he has done for his living. Make a good impression in front of everyone to increase your chances of getting recognized by professionals.

Seek representation to make a living as an artist

Search for professional who represent new artists. Try to get a job of the assistant of a professional or work as an intern. The more you work hard the more will be your chances of getting successful. Be patient, it takes time and a lot of hard work to start a successful career.

Stay weird and be yourself

You will be rejected by a lot of professionals but that does not mean you are not a good artist. That just means that you are not their type and you are different. Keep working on improving your art and don’t change the way you think. Stay weird, work the way you like and the one who understands your work will appreciate you and may help you to achieve success. Working differently and in a weird way is not appreciated in most of the fields but in the art world, it is your plus point. If you have different ideas than anyone else, you have greater chances of success in your career.

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For visual artists

If you are a visual artist, the first thing you need to do is make an online portfolio of your work. Visit galleries and see how other people are working. Meet other artists there and get tips from them. Make links to the fair organizers.  Sell your work in fairs. They may charge some entry fee to provide you space. If you like the work of an art gallery and you find the similarities in their and your work, talk to the curators and ask them to represent your work as well. Exhibit your work at art galleries and invite other artists and your friends to promote your work. Organizers may ask you for an extra fee for the gallery or cut in profit. Look for your budget as well and talk professionally so, they don’t think you are new in this field and charge extra from you.

For musicians

Some of the successful musicians sell their beats online. Even for you, the first step is market yourself and get recognized by professionals. Make your YouTube channel and post your best videos. Along with that, send your demo work to local music venues and ask them to book you for a show. Work with other artists, work in a band if you like. In this way, you will divide your jobs. Go for auditions, a lot of auditions and be prepared for rejections. Don’t get hurt, this is part of the journey. Organize your own local concerts. In this way, you will be able to get a little money and chances to get recognized by people.

For writers

Writers can also make their online profile and show their work. Make your own blog and post your original content on it. Get a part time online job for pocket money at the start. Working as a freelancer will also improve your skills. Try to contact your local newspapers and magazines and show them your best work. It is possible that they hire you for a long-term work with good salary. When you master your skills, contact the national level magazines and show them your work. Remember you are a writer and your words are your power.

For Actors, Dancers

First, if you need to master your skills then join acting, drama, theatre, dancing classes and workshops to improve your skills. When you think that you are confident and good enough, participate in every play in your school to get more confidence. After you master your skills, go for auditions, a lot of auditions and be patient. You will face rejection a lot of time but don’t lose hope. Meanwhile, organize your own workshops to get extra pocket money.


The most demanding art nowadays is photography. You have a lot of options. Make your name through social media and you will get the job. A lot of photographers are making money by promoting their work online and getting recognized by people. Another thing that you can do is organize your own workshop and teach new photographers the basics of photography and share your experience.

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No matter what kind of artist you are, you have a lot of opportunities to make a living from the job you love to do. You just have to promote yourself, call yourself an artist and show people what you have got. If you are interested in selling your art, here is a quick video for you:

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