How to make good art

Whether it is music, painting, sculpting, writing, drawing, dance or any other activity, anything that has some creativity in it is an art. There is always a measure of goodness of art depending upon the cultural background and many other factors.

There is a misconception that good art is only a matter of choice. Anything can be good or bad depending upon the eye of the viewer. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is true in case of art as well.How to make good art

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One thing that seems unpleasant for a person can be deeply loved by some other person. This is true to some extent because exceptions are there but the good art is the one that catches the attention of the viewer.

In this blog post, I will share some tips on how to make good art.

Choose your art

Artists are creative people, they often tend to like more than one type of art. If you are interested in one art more than other and want to make it your profession, then I would recommend you that you should always stick to it.

Don’t jump in the two boats at once. Stick to the one, when you succeed and people start to recognize you by your art, you will get enough money and time so that you can work on the other hobbies as well.


Practice makes a man perfect. No matter what type of art you like, whether it is music, dance, painting or sculpting, master your skills. There is always a room for perfection. Take a critical look at your art and point out the skills that need perfection and hard work then start working on it.

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Taking classes or online courses will help you master your art. Make a social media page for you and show your work. People and other artists will let you know where you need to work and what kind of skills you should develop. And with time, you will realize how much you have improved.

Start working

Start working on your art. Join other struggling artists to get some inspirations and show them your work as well. This will help you know how much hard work you still need.

Accept criticism, people who criticise you will help you get to know where you need more hard work. Don’t get disappointed by the criticism. Instead, decide which criticism is right and how you can make it better.

Picasso was criticised more than any other artist and he still managed to become one of the best artists. Don’t let people criticise you for the same mistake again.

Bring out your creativity

Art is a very broad field. The word “Art” gives the illusion that something new, creative and unique will be presented in front of us. To create good and successful art you need to think of something unique. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you start mixing ketchup with yogurt but something that is known, unique and appealing as well.

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 You must have had the appreciation for the portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci because that was something different. Does that mean you make a portrait of Mona Lisa or someone else because it was successful once? No, the good art is something that is only one piece.

The quality of a good art is its uniqueness. It might be possible you create something that is already known before and that is present in culture, history or nature but you still manage to make it unique.

Make it unique

Good art arises the questions in the minds of the viewers like “How? How he managed to do this thing? Why nobody has ever thought about this before?”. All the good art pieces and artists managed to raise this question in the minds of viewers.

Surprise your viewers by showing something they have known before but never thought that it can be made so unique.

Don’t discourage a strange idea

If you think of something and you find it extremely stupid and you think that people will laugh at you. So, you decide to let it go but that thing keeps popping up in your mind and you couldn’t help thinking of it. If this is the case, then, don’t let it go.

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Just do it! Don’t think what people will say. It is a matter of time that you will get appreciations or bullies. Work on it and make your weird project. Sometimes the strangest areas are the best ideas and you never know what is going to be loved by the people of future.

Love your work

One thing is most important in art. If you are enjoying it, you are making good art, no matter if it is unsuccessful, it is still good. Loving your art is very important because this love will help you bring out the creativity in your art.

People who love their work and who enjoy what they do are the happiest people. In this life, nothing is worth more than your happiness. It doesn’t matter what people say or think about you, if you like it, then do it. Don’t think about anyone else.

People will criticise your work, they might say that you are not good enough to be an artist but always do what your heart desires. Use their criticism in a positive manner. Use your art to fight for your rights and your desires. I wish you good luck!

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