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If you are wondering how to sell fine art online, there are some excellent platforms from which to choose. Fine Art America is perhaps best known. Deviant Art is also a major player. These sites engage visitors in several ways:

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1) fun and easy image search
2) one-stop shopping on the feature page
3) engagement with the artist through comments and replies

A fun search usually involves some filtering options which help guests discover quickly images of interest to them. The feature page itself usually includes all of the product options and details to create a convenient one-stop shopping experience. The feature page often invites comments from visitors as well. Artists can reply to comments and build relationship with prospects.

How can we convert image discovery into a sale? What if we introduced elements on the feature page which created deeper connections to the image? What if we created an expanded sense of community on the feature page such that the personalities associated with the image also served to deepen involvement with the image itself?

snippet from Midisparks Art Sales feature page displaying audio player above the featured image

MIDISPARKS ART SALES introduces original audio on its feature pages to add an element of visitor engagement and to create deeper connections with the image. The Midisparks Feature Page also includes a 150-300 word narrative about the art and the relationship of the music to the art. Finally, the image page includes pictures of artist, composer and blogger, all linked to profiles on the site.

The audio offers a composer’s sonic interpretation of the work. The narrative of course presents a blogger’s ideas about the art and music. The ideas conveyed through music and text about the image challenge visitors to be critical, to agree or disagree, to formulate independent positions and opinions. The availability of composer and blogger, in addition to artist, for a dialogue through comments and replies, expands the social engagement opportunity. All of this engagement arguably creates ownership in the art for the site visitor, a good foundation for a conversation about purchasing the art!

There is an additional benefit to involving composers and bloggers in the project. They will share their work and their shares will generate additional traffic for the project.

Midisparks Art Sales sells photo prints of art and photography on archival grade lustre paper through its MIDISPARKS ART SHOP. The site also does affiliate sales. Interested artists and photographers are welcome to contact the site:

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