Is art school worth it?

Art is an attractive field and most of the people love it. Are your kids really interested in arts? Do you want them to go to an art school? Are you confused whether they should join an art school or not? Is art school worth it? Will your child learn through it? What would be the scope of this degree in future?

Is art school worth it

Do you have questions like these in mind? If yes, then don’t worry because I’ve tried my best to cover everything in this blog post so that you can make a good decision. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go an art school or you want your kids to join an art school, this blog post will be useful for you.

How to improve drawing skills

Kids are born with talent. But this talent needs to be polished. If your kids like art, then in order to enhance their skills, they must be indulged in some burden free activities such as some visual art, vocal or commercial. So, the answer is yes, the art school is worth it!

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Art is a mind relaxing activity which helps to regulate the emotions, to gain focus, to concentrate, to express, self-management, and to show the world what you have.

As some kids are born artists, they have inherent skills of art which are reflected through the artwork on their notebooks, room walls, worksheets, in their bathrooms, in school show performances etc.
So in order to groom them into professional artists, the art schools are crucial even if they are a little expensive.

Why art schools can be a smart career move

Though there are many types of art and art schools, but today, I would be talking about visual art in my blog post.

Visual Art

Visual art has many dimensions and versions. In easy words, it is the type of art that can actually be visualized whether it be fine art, drawing, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, photography or graphic design. It conveys the vision, a message to understand which is far away from any already taught story. It’s all about one’s imagination.

How to Be a Successful Artist

Some people argue that there is no need of any school or institute to learn art because kids can learn art from online workshops, from their natural guts, from visualizing the sceneries. But the reality is that art schools regulate and enhance the ability to put work on canvas from mind!

“The search for what to paint and how to paint it is difficult to achieve in isolation.”—Marshall Arisman, School of Visual Arts

Painting is a craft and it never comes easily. Some who people do not have the taste of art, say painting is just a matter of colors and that’s it. No, it’s not a matter of colors only. The truth is that behind the colors, it takes hours and hours to build up the scenario and this effort needs a regular schooling.

How to become a famous painter

Is art school for everyone?

Art school is not for everyone because every student does not have such intuitive guts. So, to imitate nature, surrounding, culture, custom or ritual one needs to be able to put the stroke first. The first thing that I think is necessary to become an artist is the love for art. If you love art, only then you can become an artist. But, if you don’t, then even the best art school would not polish you.

Art school is valuable to the student who sees the experience as valuable to them. —C.F. Payne, Columbus College of Art and Design

Is art school worth it?

Art school is much more than a school. Usually, the art of different types is taught like drawing, painting, sculpture, fine arts, 3D art etc. Art schooling is all about disciplining your taste, the point of view, the way you perceive things, it moderates your choice and brightens up your intuition. Though art material is expensive than other study material but it is worth it to purchase it.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Is it worth it to go to an art school?

You can join any art school as per your interest and personality. Nowadays art schools have reputed to the rank of a university and people opt art as their career. In many countries education of art, media and crafts are compulsory disciplines till primary education.

Because later this passion can be turned into a career. Studies proved that it can be opted as an income source. Professor Jennifer Lena from Columbia University, says the art school graduates are better able to survive economically than before. Visual and performing art students are also earning handsome salaries according to National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Here is a quick video answering your questions about going to an art school:



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