Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set, 72 Assorted Colors

Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set includes 72 different shades. All the pencil colors have their own unique shades. These are very smooth and easy to use pencil colors. You will not have to press harder to get darker shades, you just need to press it softly as these pencils are pressure sensitive.

Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set, 72 Assorted Colors

The medium used for Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set is wood and oil based pigment. These pencils are environment-friendly and non-toxic. These pencils are made up of recycled wood to avoid wastage of wood. I would say that it is a perfect gift for the birthday of your kid to increase the interest of your kids in drawing and arts.

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The package comes with the color chart on the cardboard for a better understanding of colors. These colors are very affordable as compared to other similar products. The lead of pencils is less vulnerable to breakage while sharpening, You can get a very sharp tip for coloring small areas and thus these colors last longer than the cheaper colors.

Pros of Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set

  • Non-toxic wood and pigment.
  • Non-greasy and oil-based pigment.
  • Don’t fall out when sharpening (if done slowly).
  • Very smooth and creamy when used.
  • You don’t need to sharp it over and over, it retains sharpness for a longer
  • Easy to erase
  • Already sharped for first use, you will not need to sharp 72 colors.
  • Very vibrant, no two colors are the same.
  • Reasonable price.

Cons of Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set

  • Comes with a cardboard that doesn’t hold colors perfectly and it is hard to pull the right color out.
  • Not all the colors are grouped wisely.
  • Small parts and choking hazard.
  • Doesn’t have color names on the side of pencils.

As these colors come with a cardboard and not any wrapping cover, people often find it hard to find the perfect color especially when you sharpen the pencils and they become short. To overcome this issue, you simply need to buy a canvas pencil wrap or any other form of wrap to hold your colors in order and to avoid breakage of lead.

Another issue is that the colors are arranged but not all the colors are placed with the right group of colors. As you will be using these colors you will not be able to keep the colors in the same order after a few days. You will need to arrange the colors according to your requirement but this is just a minor issue.

The lead of these colors can be broken easily and because of that, you need to make sure to keep these colors away from the children under 3 years of age.

Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set, 72 Assorted Colors

One thing that people often dislike is that the colors don’t have their names on the side of the pencil instead there are numbers from 501-572 but this is not even an issue. If you use these colors for a few days, you will get used to this.

This is true that these colors don’t have a color name on the side but they do have a color name on the external cover of the pencils in the form of a color chart along with the numbers. The end of the pencil also has the color of lead. I suggest you make a color chart of your own along with the color name and number so you will get an idea of which color you need for the perfect blend.

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Numbering system also helps you to arrange colors in order and group the colors with their right color category, hues, and tones. You can easily decide which shade of the color you will need for the job just by looking at the numbers and color chart.

Plus these pencils are not round but hexagonal in shape. This is not a pro or a con of these pencils but I am mentioning this as some people prefer round and others prefer hexagonal shape.

Kingtop Drawing Wooden Art Pencil Set

Note: A lot of people on Amazon are complaining that they received Marco Raffine pencil colors instead of Kingtop drawing wooden art pencil set. We recommend you to buy these colors only from the top rated seller. Before buying check the warranty and return policy in case if you receive the wrong set of colors.


These colors are highly recommended for young artists, students, and even professionals. These colors are not expensive at all and can fix most of your coloring problems. The problems people face with these colors are minor like color name, wrap, and grouping. These little issues can’t become a hurdle between your work and these cool pencil colors.

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