Pentel Arts Oil Pastels 50 Color Set (PHN-50) Review

Pentel arts oil pastels 50 color set(PHN-50) is a worthy artistic product and it includes different beautiful shades which are required to do artwork more professionally at any time whenever you want.

The oil pastels apply and blend smoothly and are perfect for beginners and as well as for the professional artists. It has a compact size that is easy to carry and work with. One can easily hold it in the same way just like a pencil, crayon or paintbrush. Its shape is mostly round.Pentel arts oil pastels 50 color set (PHN-50) review

Pentel arts oil pastels 50 color set(PHN-50)

If you want to gift something to your artist friend, Then this would be the perfect gift for them. It is also a user-friendly product and you can use it as the way you want.

Pentel arts oil pastel colors are long lasting and its packaging is convenient, durable and best for travelers. In case if you want to erase oil pastel, there is a simple way to do this by using ice cubes.

Following are some of the methods of blending oil with pastels:

  • With fingers
  • With cloth or paper towel
  • With tortillon
  • All above methods are user-friendly it’s up to the user to opt which one.

With fingers

The best thing about using oil pastels is that it just requires a finger touch to rub the colors and it will blend quickly. There is no need to waste time to find anything else because your fingers are right there for the blending.

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With cloth or paper towel

Using a cloth or paper towel for the blending purpose is another useful method for more conscious people who don’t want a mess.

With tortillon

You can also use tortillon. This technique is just superb to sharpen the edges if it gets rough.

Pros of Pentel arts oil pastels 50 color set (PHN-50)

  • The colors are fade resistant and smooth.
  • Gives smooth look that will ultimately give the perfect result.
  • Pastels are Acid-free that allows users to work on paper, board or even on
  • Its blending ability allows the user to enjoy multiple shades.
  • Packaging is durable
  • Genuinely looks like oil paints but when applied it looks like crayon.
  • The age range for the usage is around 12 and up.
  • Nice range of colors is
  • A highly-recommended product as it’s warranted.
  • More vibrant then chalk pastels.
  • Portable, affordable and not messy.

The above characteristics of pentel arts oil reminds me of the famous quote,

“Life begins when you step out from your comfort zone

and it’s too hard for the individual to get out from the comfort zone but pentel arts oil pastels give impression that a person is enjoying the art by stepping out of his or her comfort zone and blending colors to create amazing colors.

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Cons of Pentel arts oil pastels 50 color set (PHN-50)

  • As a matter of fact, its texture is not very convenient to remove from the surface.
  • You might face some difficulty while blending because of oil as it makes colors quickly adhere to the paper.
  • It doesn’t have a dry and dusty texture.
  • It’s a fact that pastels do not stick permanently to the paper surface so it needs extreme care.

Special recommendations for buyers

I would recommend that always get an in-depth look at the multiple attributes of pastels such as composition, quality, color and type then, it won’t create any hassles for future.

A special advice for the beginners is that don’t expect flawless results in the very first attempt because oil pastels take time and practice to develop the skills.


Overall Pentel arts oil pastels 50 color set(PHN-50) is a reliable product for every person who loves art. It gives high-quality result. It is affordable and anyone can easily afford it.  It is portable as well so you will not face any difficulty while traveling.

No doubt there are certain issues while using the pastels but they could be resolved easily. It just requires some techniques and experience.









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