Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Review

The Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery home study course caters to artists who want to:

  • Sias example from realistic pencil portrait mastery“Sketch realistic pencil portraits like a professional”
  • Become proficient quickly and efficiently
  • Pay an affordable price
  • Do this all from the comfort of their home rather than attend a live class

If this sounds like it may be for you, then keep reading! The Imaginecreatedo team stumbled across this promising program created by Christopher Sia and we wanted to provide a thorough review for you. This way you’ll get the details on what this program really is and whether it’s in fact for you before you decide to purchase it.

The creator and his students

Christopher Sia is a known art teacher and he has in fact taught hundreds of students to draw pencil portraits from beginner to advanced levels. We have found many reviews from his students stating that he has helped them to achieve their dreams of becoming masters in pencil portrait drawing.

You can read some of the testimonials as well as see the work of his students from his site below:

Louise's review of realistic pencil portrait mastery

Nicolai's review of realistic pencil portrait mastery

Francis's review of realistic pencil portrait mastery

Terry's review of realistic pencil portrait mastery

What exactly is realistic pencil portrait mastery?

From what we can tell, Christopher Sia has put some effort in putting together what he calls the “Complete Pencil Portrait Drawing Package”.

The course consists of:

products of realistic pencil portrait mastery
Breakdown of Lessons
  • 5 drawing lessons in PDF format
  • a total of 208 pages
  • 605 of illustrations and images
  • step-by-step detailed descriptions
  • lifetime updates

We think that the step-by-step guide in the home-study course is actually quite useful because it not only lives up to its name of being an extremely affordable product, but it also lives up to its name at being “step-by-step” oriented.

We’re sure you’ve seen at least one tutorial or “step-by-step” guide where you’re following along quite easily up until step 5 or 6 and then all of a sudden TA DA!  you’re supposed to have the final product. Meanwhile you’re sitting there wondering why what you have doesn’t look anything like what you’re supposed to have. This legitimately guides you through right until the very last step.

It also really just isn’t like another pencil portrait drawing guide that you’ll normally see online. Most of the other pencil portrait drawing books and courses that could be found online have beautiful completed illustrations with lots of descriptions with the expectation of you being able to learn from such way.

If you could learn this way, then instead of searching up guides, you would just be searching up other sketches! We believe that providing an EFFECTIVE step-by-step tutorial is the best way of learning, rather than figuring out how to draw each part based on the reference completed picture.

The classic pros and cons list of Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery

The pros

  • An ACTUAL step-by-step guide with descriptions
  • Quick, convinient way of learning from a professional
  • A total of 5 drawing lessons, 208 pages, and 605 images to help guide you
  • There are also some useful bonuses you’ll get for free to help you to improve your pencil portrait drawing
  • Great option for beginners
  • Only need 2H, 2B and 5B pencils to get started – we recommend just getting a complete set online here and pay the 20$ as it will save you money down the road
  • We believe you will be able to create very good quality and even masterful realistic pencil portraits through this course if you apply yourself
  • Our favourite part: it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee

We love the fact that the program offers a 60 day money back guarantee. You actually get to try the entire home-study course WITHOUT any risk for two months. So even if you don’t like it for any reason, just send an email to them and they will simply give you a full refund.

We also found out that you’ll get free updates as a subscriber to their mailing list. This sometimes contains useful stuff that compliments the course.

The cons

  • The member area has pretty large downloads
  • Certain files with lots of illustrations can take a long time to download
  • The home-study course is currently only available via instant download
  • There are no physical products
  • We know many artists like having instructions on paper rather than on a screen
  • So if you wanted to see the step-by-step instructions on paper you have to print them yourself


Sia's female portrait from realistic pencil portrait masteryOur rating: 9/10 simply because there are currently no physical products available and since it is a sketching course this might have been useful.

Overall, we think that Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery is very well priced and valued for what you are receiving. And especially with the 60 day money, this is a product we WOULD RECOMMEND. If it works for you great and we believe that it will! If not, then at least you haven’t lost out any money!


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  1. That shaded hand reminds me of art class back in High school, I remember drawing the hand while using shading to bring out all the many different details about the hand when held in different positions. I am really interested in painting, what am able to do with a pencil, I would love to be able to do it with paint, so I am anxiously awaiting your video tutorials on painting.Great post!

    • Here there!

      I’m happy to hear it – yes our videos are definitely coming soon. Keep checking in 🙂 You can also go check out some of our painting posts, we just posted a review on a pretty cool spray painting course last week you might be interested in!


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