Spray Paint Art Secrets Review, Learn the Tricks

We found a very interesting website that teaches the secrets of Mexican underground spray painting so of course, we’re writing you a Spray Paint Art Secrets review! This site is run by Alisa Amor, who we’re also super excited to talk about.

spray paint art secrets review example painting

We find her so inspirational as an artist, who really carved her own path and succeeded to make the life she wanted for herself. She and her ex-husband are experts at what they define as the little known Spray Paint Art Secrets invented and practiced by an underground elite street artist culture in Mexico.

The site states that it’s not your normal learn to paint site and we have to agree! From the videos such as the one below, there’s no doubt that this is an actual spray painting course, which is not something widely taught online. In fact, it’s not widely taught at all. Also there are courses offered for airbrushing as well. So we had to concede right off the bat that we had never seen anything quite like this anywhere else.

Alisa’s Story

Alisa was hitchhiking through Mexico on a break from college when she was 20. There she met Gerardo Amor, one of the inner circle of inventors of spray paint art and her future husband. She learned from him and from the other artists for 15 years. She lived a new life while she was there, becoming an expert at spray painting and making a living off of it working for a fraction of the time of the normal 9-5 grind most of the world knows and making more money too!

example painting alien worldAlisa took what she learned and applied it to different medias as well such as murals and canvas paintings for galleries. She then decided to take these techniques that they learned and improve upon them, speed them up, add new tricks, perfect them and then teach them online to artists who wanted to learn something different and unique.

Previously, these techniques were intended to stay secret, exclusive to the Mexican street artists. However, with the increase of drug related violence and the drop in tourism, the artists are now struggling. Therefore, they have agreed to larger scale, online projects so they can continue to survive on what they love doing. You can see some of her, her husband’s and other spray painters from Mexico’s work for sale here.

What is it?

  • various memberships which includes different levels of spray paint training
  • training provided by Alisa Amor, who says she has spent 15 years in Puerto Vallarta Mexico training with the elite street artists
  • The Gold Package for 147$ includes full access for 1 year to all materials with more than 300 spray painting tutorial videos, 3 coaching sessions, and airbrush setup videos
  • The Exclusive for 47$ includes 17 videos on how to spray paint waves, water and underwater scenery including marine animals
  • The Basic Membership for 27$/month includes a minimum of 5 videos per month, an e-book on the Secrets of Mexico and 1 coaching session

Who is it for?

Artists who:

  • example painting planethave gotten bored learning the same old techniques over and over again
  • want to diversify their skill set
  • just find spray painting awesome and would love to learn more about it
  • are interested in learning how to setup and operate an airbrush
  • want to learn how to create works like this
  • want to create murals, portraits, and gallery work extremely fast (under 5 minutes)
  • are interested in finding a method of creating paintings to sell quickly as a means of supporting themselves
  • want to make a lasting and unique impression on their audience
  • want to be able to create street art very quickly upon request of customers
  • like having a natural, smooth flow of painting without fussing too much with every minute detail
  • are looking for some help to learn the skills they need quicker and more effectively so they can get results fast
  • get frustrated spending days, weeks or months to get acrylics, oils or watercolours looking the way they want
  • have already tried spray painting and find it frustrating and difficult to learn
  • want to impress friends, colleagues and potential customers

What will you need?

  • spray paint (cans)
  • spray paint (for an airbrush) if you want to do the airbrushing
  • an airbrush if you want to do the airbrushing
  • newspaper
  • a mask (we recommend it!)
  • some household items for tricks

What will you learn?

example painting ocean floor(this depends on which package you choose)

  • previously secret spray painting techniques of Mexican street artists
  • use spray paint (canned) to create works of art
  • setup and operate an airbrush
  • create murals, portraits, and canvas based gallery work extremely fast
  • create spray painted works on the spot that can be sold as street art
  • have a  natural, smooth flow of painting without fussing too much with every minute detail
  • use cheap, easily obtainable items to create effects and patterns in your work

Spray Painting Art Secrets Review, Pros & Cons…

The Pros

  • very unique and interesting content
  • credible instructor with many years of experience and a community behind her
  • although you only get access to videos for a certain period of time depending on your package, you can easily download them yourself at home to a USB and keep them however long you like
  • 100%-60-day-satisfaction-guaranteeexceptional support (with an actual human being!)
  • you can e-mail Alisa with any questions whenever you need anything or even now if you have questions about the course at spraypaintingartsecrets@gmail.com
  • 100% online product with videos in both mp4 and m4v formats to overcome compatibility issues on desktops and mobile devices, minimize cost and maximize convenience and accessibility
  • if you’re on the montly package and you want to cancel, you can do it with 1 click or e-mail Alisa and she’ll do it for you.
  • 60 day no-questions asked refund policy

The Cons

  • packages jump from 17 videos to over 300 with a big corresponding gap in price – it would be nice to have some intermediates
  • 100% online which also may be a con for you if you like learning in person, or if you prefer having a physical written instructional manual
  • the website is slightly promotional over being genuinely helpful, which can be a turn off for artists
  • the website is also somewhat confusing when you first try to navigate it


get a free lesson nowOverall, we WOULD RECOMMEND this course!

Firstly, you can’t deny it’s super cool.

Secondly, you get a no-questions money back guarantee so even if you panic at the money you just spent you can get it all back with one e-mail.

Thirdly, you can e-mail Alisa for support whenever you want, even right now to ask her about more details!

We rate these courses a 8.5/10 since we think the site organization could use a little bit of tweaking, we don’t like the promotional vibe but the content is excellent and so is the support.

Wanna try it? CLICK HERE!

If you decide to purchase it, please comment below and let us know what your opinion is! We’d love to hear other feedback and other artists’ opinions!

4 Replies to “Spray Paint Art Secrets Review, Learn the Tricks”

  1. Very interesting article. My youngest son is very artistic, but has never taken any art classes. He is only in the 8th grade. Do you think this training would be a little to advanced for him? What would you recommend for someone just starting out? Thank you.

    1. Hey there larry!

      I would actually say this wouldn’t be too advanced for him – they offer very much a beginner level approach. This is because even skilled painters simply don’t use anything like spray painting techniques. Similar thing for airbrushes. When you learn to airbrush – how much experience you have with acrylic or watercolor doesn’t come into play really. It’s a completely different style.

      Also – I think for your son, especially being in grade 8, something like this might be very appealing for him considering it’s unique and quicker. Young artists tend to get bored with simple “portrait sketching” and “oil still life” type courses which take a while to complete. Especially now when these styles are more outdated.

      If you don’t think he’s ready for this type of thing yet, I would actually recommend nothing at the moment except for enrolling him in an art class at his highschoool. I think he would find digital art very interesting but the courses for that (you can find them under digital art a to z under art training) are even more involved and complex. Just let him get his creativity out for now! Courses are great for when you’re looking to learn new tricks or if you need help perfecting techniques quickly.

      Hope this helps! Contact us if you want to talk more 🙂

  2. Wow! Your spray painting video is fantastic. It makes acrylics and watercolors seem boring to me. The painting you did was a real work of art. You are extremely talented and thank you for sharing your art with the world.

    1. Thank you for your comment Patty, we’re sure Alisa will appreciate the sentiment 🙂 That’s her painting in the video!

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