Start an Online Art Business – The Basics

An artist may be a musician, a painter, an actor or a photographer. If you are an artist, let me tell you one most important thing. If you do not use your skills to generate an income for you, it does not matter if art is your favorite hobby, you will soon find that you don’t have enough time for your hobby.

All of us have to do something to make living.

Some people do business in the physical world while others prefer virtual world.  If you are an artist who wants to start an online art business to continue your hobby as well as earn money. I’m here to guide you through this. Starting an online business is affordable and easy and it’s something I think all artists should know.

How to start an online art business

Selling a product or a service is also an art. Most of the artists have entrepreneurial minds and they can use their skills to generate a handsome income. By selling your art products, you not only help other people to benefit from your work but, you are also getting enough money to continue your hobby.

The easiest most way to sell your art online is to upload your artwork on the online stores already available on the internet like Etsy, DeviantArt, 500px, Zazzle, Redbubble, Creative Market and others. Now the question is, which one is better for your art? If you are digital designer the answer is a Creative market, Redbubble or Zazzle is best for T-shirt designers or other clothes. Similarly, 500px is best for photographers and Etsy or deviantART is best for painters or any other type of art.

There are hundreds of other websites on the internet and all have the different types of art categories. To start your online art business your first task is to research a little bit about which art store is best for your type of art to get the best response. Then the step comes when you upload your art pictures.

To highlight your work, get a website

If you want to highlight your work on your own and don’t want to sell it on online stores, then the best way is to get a website of your own. The best part of getting a website is you can customize everything on your website in your own artistic way.

You can also get a free website but on the free website, your web host will put ads on your website, without asking you. And you’ll have almost no control on your website.

Getting your own website will cost you some dollars but it can give you a lot in return. The sad thing is it’s not like you’ll get a website and the customers will rush toward you. You’ll have to promote yourself online through social media networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Let people know you and your work first then the customers will see and buy your work online. It may take time but you should never give up.

To attract the customers let me give you some tips.

1.    Always upload fine quality photos that are also easy to download.

2.    Remember to write the price along with your art piece. Some customers don’t feel comfortable asking for price and instead, they leave. So never ever forget to tag price. But if you want your art being noticed without the dollar sign then you’ll need to upload a list of pricing somewhere else on your website/page/blog/store.

3.    You can do custom orders at a higher price.

4.    Try to deliver the order before time to get extra appreciation.

Starting your online art business via social media networks

You can also start your online art business on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram etc. if you are not yet ready to get a website of your own.

And also if you are confused whether the customers will appreciate or buy your work then the social media is your clue. Make a page, highlight your work and wait for the feedbacks, I hope you’ll get the positive feedback.

Stop waiting for the right moment!

Start your online art business simply sitting at home and get ’em dollars 🙂

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