Top Art Blogs

There are thousands of websites and blogs on the internet about art. But, not everyone writes the quality content. To save your time, I’ve done the research for you. Now you will not have to spend hours on finding top art blogs because, in this blog post, I have covered everything for you.

Top Art Blogs

These art blogs will help you stay updated with the latest trends and updates of the art world. Whether you are trying to create something new and want to find some inspiration or you just love art, these blogs will help you.

How to Be a Successful Artist

So, here are some of the top art blogs that you can read. They have the best advice and information for artists. They also have a lot of creative work and if you need a daily dose of inspiration and motivation, then you should follow these blogs.


Colossal is a great place for art lovers. It was launched in 2010 and it is very popular among artists. They cover many different forms of art including street art, photography, painting, drawing, architecture, installation art, animation, design etc.

No matter what type of artist you are, you will always find something great and inspirational on colossal. You can understand their popularity by the fact that they were the winner of Utne Media Award for Arts coverage in the year of 2013.

Colossal helps you to explore different types of art and visual culture. It highlights the natural beauty and mixture of science and art.


My second favorite art blog is booooooom! It was launched in 2008. The founder of Booooooom is Vancouver based artist and his name is Jeff Hamada. This blog highlights the talent of emerging artists and it also helps them to start their career as an artist.BOOOOOOOM!

Currently, Booooooom is the most popular art blog of Canada and is a favorite place for artists to learn something new every day.

Art Biz Coach

Art Biz Coach is a perfect place for new artists to get advice from professionals. The founder of the website Alyson Stanfield has extensive experience in the field of arts and provides direct consultations to the artists on their creations.

Digital Art Definition

Art Biz Coach also offers a series of videos that help you to become a successful artist. If you are facing some problems related to your art, this is where you should go. Art Biz Coach not only helps you by providing useful content but also provides you links to the famous and useful workshops and helpful material.

Art Sleuth

This is another useful blog that you should definitely visit if you are craving for some high-quality art. Art Sleuth keeps you updated about the events and news of London art galleries. Whether you want to know about the happenings of a big art gallery or a smaller one, you can find everything on Art Sleuth.Art Sleuth

One Big Photo

One Big Photo is a perfect place for people who are photographers or who love photographs. One Big Photo has a huge collection of high-quality photos. They have a wide range of different categories and is the best place for your daily dose of art.

Wooster Collective

Wooster collective is one of the most famous blogs where you can find exhibition reviews and updates and news related to the art world. This blog was founded in 2001 and it is specifically dedicated to the street art around the world and the art in the cities.

Bored Panda

You might have heard about bored panda if you are active on social media. They are famous for their viral content. They show all kind of content from cute animals to high-quality art. If you are free and want to see some interesting content, then I would highly recommend visiting bored panda.

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