Top Paid iPhone Editing Apps

Editing plays an important role to make a photograph stand out. It helps you create amazing photographs and enhance the beauty of your art. With a few important tips on how to build an amazing photography portfolio, you can create breath-taking portfolio of your pictures.

Universal paid apps:

top paid iPhone editing apps

In this blog post, I have shared some of the top paid iPhone editing apps. Continue reading to learn about them.

Filterstorm Neue


Filterstorm Neue is a photo editing application available on apple store. It has all the basic editing tools you need in just a few dollars.

The main drawback we all complain about the free editing apps is that they resize the photo while editing process and the original quality of the photos fades. Filterstorm Neue solves this problem for you by providing the editing at full size in your iPhone.

Its features include supporting raw file, blending, clone, different filters, colour balance, blur, gradients, clarity, watermark and many others. You can write quotes or messages on your photos, export to any social media site etc.

Resize, rotate, flip, straighten your photos to make them your WhatsApp profile photo or share on Instagram. You will no longer keep your phone loaded with different apps, you can get all the basic features at one place.

Want to know more about the functions of this app? Click here.

Rating: 8/10



Afterlight is a quick time photo editing app with ready-made, easy to use 1 tap tools to do your editing process in no time. It has more than 230 tools including different types of filters, textures, and frames.

It has 15 quick adjustment tools to adjust your photo colour, brightness, and saturation as per your need. It also provides different cropping, resizing and flipping tools. It includes in-app purchases so you can buy as many features as you like.

You can now blend the provided tool together and create your personal dramatic filter by fusion filter tool. After editing you can easily save or upload your photo to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other app. All these functions will cost you only 0.99$.

Click here to get the detailed information on how to use this awesome app.

Rating: 8.8/10

Photoristic HD


Photoristic HD is quick time photo editing and photo effect app. It provides expert level basic adjustment tools including highlights, contrasts, shadows, exposure, saturations etc. with eight different colours separately.

It provides a different effect for your photos and split toning feature to change the color of darker and brighter areas. It supports up to 20MP resolution and provides clarity effects. The app saves your edit history automatically and you can always undo your edit if you don’t like some changes or redo if you like.

You can either select photo from your camera roll, image library or export from your Dropbox account. After editing don’t forget to share your work with your friends.

Rating: 7/10



Enlight is simple, easy to use, all in one type photo editing application for iPhone photographers. Try applying some dramatic filters on your photos and make them the art piece.

Crop the unwanted area, resize, flip over your photo. Shrink, bold, reshape the object in your photo or make it look like the photo is taken from different directions. Blend the photos and effects to get the result that you want.

EnlightThe best thing about this app is that it provides masking tool nested in every tool so you could customize and blend every effect the way you want it.

To get the detailed information on how to use this app click here.

Rating: 8.6/10



Camera+ is a camera app with some awesome editing tools that will make you love this app and the photography. It provides all the basic functions including crop, resizes, color adjustments, focus and much more.

It also provides beautiful effects to make your photos look more professional. But what makes it different from the other? It allows you to zoom 6 times than your normal camera with clarity. It provides different scenes like a day, night, sunset, cloudy etc.

Add captions to your special photos to make them memorable. It provides a drive called lightbox where your photos are temporary saved and you will then choose the best photos to be moved in your camera roll making it even lighter.

You can also link your lightbox with your cloud account to access your files anywhere from the internet. If you like to know more about how to use Camera+ click here.

Rating: 8.6/10

PicLab HD


This is a photo download and editing app. Download the photo of your favorite character from the internet using keywords and edit it the way you want it to be, feel the power of your phone. You can also edit your own photos using the tools provided by the app.

You can adjust the colour of your photos automatically in one tap or manually and use some beautiful filters on your photos to enhance their beauty. Use overlay tools to blend your photos and create some artistic effects.

Use some cool stickers to make your photos lovely, funny or to give some message to your friend in your own code words. It also provides cropping tools, focus tools, different frames and much more.

Rating: 8.4/10

Specific paid apps

What it does:

This is a photo editing app to beautify your portrait photos and selfies. Use this app to do some makeover, enhance your smile, whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, dark circles and much more.

Beautiful eyes are a sign of beauty. With this app, you can remove red eye or white eye effect, add extra volume to your eyes lashes, reshape your eyes brows, change the colour of your eyes or even enlarge them.facetune

You can also change the color of your hair or remove bald patches. This app provides all the beauty edits you need to make your photo look perfect. And don’t forget to share your beautiful photos with your social media friends all around the world.

You can find detailed information on how to use this app by clicking here.

Rating: 7.9/10

Handy Photo

What it does:

Handy Photo is one of the top paid iPhone editing apps. This app opens up the door of creativity for your iPhone. This app provides hundreds of cool features for editing your photo including filters, textures, frames, auto colour adjustment and enhancement tools, removing unwanted objects or people from the photos and much more.

With this app, you apply filters partially on your photos like you can apply a filter on yourself leaving the background as it is. It supports full-size editing, up to 36MP and raw formats. Another cool function of this app is that you can adjust the orientation of your photo without cropping it.handy photo

By clicking here you can find more detailed information about the features of this app by watching a video.

Rating: 9/10

Path On

What it does:

With this app, you will be able to write texts on your photos. Draw a line on your photo with the help of your finger or provided shapes and your text will appear on it.

It provides more than 300 different font style to decorate your photos and tools to customize your texts, increase or decrease the spacing between letters, size, and others.

You can mix-up up to 5 different font styles and those will be arranged automatically creating a different style for you. Get the app and write your favorite song on your photo and share it with your friends.

Rating: 9/10


What it does:

Photochop is a funny app used to chop your photos. Didn’t get my point? This app is used to create funny photos with a funny unbelievable background like you can place your head in the mouth of a mouse.

It provides you the different background and allows you to move an object from one photo to a funny background photo of your choice.

Rating: 2.8/10


What it does:

This app is used to create stunning word art by Instagram photos. Want to say something to your friends? Try being creative this time, use this app to create some great typographic photos on your iPhone and share on Instagram.

Rating: 5.6/10

Here is a quick video about 5 best iOS camera apps:

Learning photo-editing is not a rocket science. Let me show you how to learn photo editing without paying a fortune. Happy Learning!


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