Wacom Intuos 3D Review

If you are a professional artist and want to design 3D objects then, a simple mouse will not help you designing that object perfectly. In such case, a pen tablet can help you design the objects you want with ease.

This blog post is a Wacom Intuos 3D Review post. Wacom has introduced it’s Wacom Intuos 3D pen tablet which allows you to work on the computer while enjoying the ease of pen pressure. Now you can give another dimension to your thoughts and digital artwork. Wacom Intuos 3D

You can draw what you think and what you like with this product. This product will provide you everything you need to make perfect 3D models. Your computer or a laptop can now work as a digital sculpting studio.

Wacom Intuos 3D has 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is very affordable and works well with Windows and Mac. It is equipped with all the famous software used for 3D designing.

Apart from YouTube videos, you can call or email the Wacom’s customer support anytime for any help in installation of the product of if you have any other query or need any kind of help regarding their product.


  •          You can create 3D art with Wacom Intuos 3D pen tablet.
  •          It has a pressure sensitive pen which will make you feel like you are working on canvas with your paint brush or pen. There are extra pen nibs included in the back of the tablet and the nib removal tool as well.
  •          It has multi touch surface which allows you to move the objects with your fingers, zoom in, zoom out, tumble etc.
  •          Each pack comes with the ZBrushCore® software, the leading company for making 3D sculpting software. Along with the software, you will also get the code and download instructions.
  •          It has wireless capability (it is being sold either with wireless capability or USB cable).


  •          Compatible with Mac and windows.
  •          Super easy to install, you can either download the drivers online or install it with the CD (An installation CD is included with the package).
  •          It has 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity for the Intuos pen.
  •          It is very thin, light and has a very smooth drawing.
  •          Settings can be changed for the left handed and right handed person.
  •          Very easy to use.
  •          Very sensitive to touch.
  •          It comes with a pen holder. You won’t need to worry about losing your pen at any time. Simply use the holder whenever you are not using the pen.


  •          The size of the active area of the tablet is quite less than the size of the tablet.
  •          Some people complained about the new drivers.
  •          The size of a pen is small. If you have large hands you might find it difficult to use.
  •          A bit expensive.
  •          The back side of the pen has no function (like other products of Wacom have eraser etc.).

At the start, you might find it difficult to use but you will get used to it in a few days. Although it seems difficult to look at the screen and work on the tablet. But, it is quite easy to work with it. There are many online tutorials available on YouTube.

Wacom Intuos Review

You can get complete help from there about using all the features of the tablet and how you can use it efficiently. Here are a few tutorials that will help you learn the basic use of the product.

  1.       How to Use Wacom INTUOS Pen and Touch
  2.       Getting Started with Intuos (This video will help you out in learning the use of pen and the touch pad)
  3.       How to Use Wacom INTUOS Pen and Touch

You can find many other useful videos on YouTube by Wacom itself, tutorials, reviews, installation, and guides.

Another feature of the pen tablet includes configuration of the buttons. There are four buttons on that pen tablet that can be customized. Two are located on the corners of the tablet and two on the pen. You can configure the buttons according to the program you are using.

Although the size of the screen (the active part of the tablet) is a bit smaller than the tablet, but it is available in different sizes as well. You can buy the medium size tablet for your work instead of the small one that is designed for hobbyists.

Before buying the product check for the size which suits your requirements. Make sure that the pen will fit your hand and you will feel comfortable while working on it.

Wacom Intuos Photo Review

People often complain about the newest update of the drivers. But it is not a problem that should overcome the features of the pen tablet. This issue will soon be resolved. Another way to avoid this issue is to uninstall the newest update of drivers and reinstalling the older version of the drivers.

The drivers can be easily downloaded online. To get the drivers from the official website of the Wacom click here, it will redirect you to the driver’s list. Make sure you install the drivers because the device will not work without its drivers.

This tablet works well with GIMP, Blender, and great with Adobe Photoshop. ZBrushCore® software is famous for making the best 3D sculpting software. As it comes with ZBrushCore®, an installation code is also available with it.

This is the reason for charging a little extra money than the other pen tablets available in the market. In short, Wacom Intuos 3D is completely worth the money.

Buy the Wacom Intuos 3D online

Liked Wacom Intuos 3D and want to buy? You can simply buy the product from its official website online. Click here to redirect to the product. You can also buy this product from Amazon. Click here to redirect to the product.

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