Why People Love Art – It’s like a Piece of Candy

The following is a guest post by Devine, a contributor to our site and a woman who isn’t afraid to express her artistic nature! Here’s her take on why people love art and why it’s so important…

Why people love art

Art doesn't have to make senseArt is the most beautiful thing to happen in history which is why people love art. It is a form of expression of anything; emotions like love, lust or angst. It is also an outlet for anything.

One can draw if he’s happy, he’s lonely or even when he’s just feeling creative. Why do people turn to the canvas and draw things or compose music and pour emotions through lyrics and melody? What is the effect of art to the human psyche?

Art extracts feeling and forms a narration

Art extracts feeling or forms narrationAs per various responses by enthusiasts and experts of the industry alike, there is unanimous vote over why people love art. And that is; art is a form of expression that does not only extract both positive and negative feelings from a person. It is also a form of narration that maintains a person’s emotional and psychological homeostasis through lines, shapes and objects.

Art is a conceptual emotion – people feel and are naturally intuitive of anything that makes them curious. A person’s curiosity tends be more in favor to those things that yield emotion, and that’s what makes art a go-to outlet among people seeking raw feelings.

Lustful intrigue and puzzles

Art can be lustfully sinfulPeople describe art as comparable to a fine-dine restaurant dish or something far more sinful. More importantly, people are in love with the idea that art of any form means that there are people who feel genuinely the same like their own emotions. It is a thrill to know that there is a certain group out there where one does not have to hide from his own ghosts.

Other people love art because it intrigues them. The constant rush of over-the-top forms and shapes and the feeling they yield; this is what people love about art of any form. People are naturally puzzle-solvers; art is one of the puzzles that mystify the world. From lyrics of abyss and oblivion, to metaphors of life in forms of raging seas in canvas; decoding these messages are what art makes it an inclination to others.

Art is immortal

Another fantastic thing about why people love art is that, they see the form of making something mortal live in an immortal space. For people, art is an embodiment of eternity. Art is a representation of an icon. People also see art as something that can patronize and demoralize, and this polarity within one genre makes the form a sultry space to thrive in.

An unusual list

Various hypotheses have been collated from the general population about how they feel about art and what it gives back as benefits. Here are some of the listed reasons all by anonymous art lovers on the subject of why people love art.

Art is like a piece of candy.

As persons, we survive through sugar and the piece makes us thrive. Imagine art as a piece of candy, rushing with sugar. Artistic people use art to survive both physiologically and psychologically in the real world.

Why people love art - it's like a piece of candy

Art is a form of hyper-nature.

People are obsessed with colors, lines, forms and bodies. In art, there is nothing more relaxing than lines being exaggerated. An obsession turns into a craving. The mere fact that the world is plain and beautiful, and being able to go beyond that is what people fall in love with art in itself.

Art is aesthetically brilliant.

It stimulates conditioned psychological response. Artists do not invent art but they create pieces to defy natural laws. It yields intrigue and creates puzzling pathways all on its own.

Art has no set of rules

People are triggered by what they see.

Creating a piece and being able to move someone with a few strokes and a burst of hues makes people do more in art. It is a form of manipulation in the subtlest way possible.

People love art because they learn history through it.

They get to understand what happened in a person’s life or what happened during the Civil War. Pieces are their source of information without reading facts; they get the facts through emotions.

Others find art as a liberating experience.

It’s almost like, taking the body away from itself. Art is a form of separation from the real world, where one does not have to be happy or sad.

Art is magical

Although reasons are what we all have for loving a person or a thing, the key to the question is really, it makes us feel that in a chaotic world like this, there can be something so beautiful like colors in a canvas.

Through this beauty, it somehow makes us forget for a moment that there can be positivity and negativity, but also make us stick to the concept that expressing these polar ends in any form can bring joy and unite us in links of arms which is why people love art.

Please comment below and tell us why you love art!

2 Replies to “Why People Love Art – It’s like a Piece of Candy”

  1. That’s an interesting take on art by the author. At the end of the day, the perception of art is, as is love, in the eyes of the beholder. Each individual will interpret the same piece of art differently to another person.

    1. That’s definitely true! In fact, we just posted this morning on social media playing on the concept that art is art and everything else is everything else. In order to differentiate the two you have the manner in which it was created, the purpose that it serves and the response it provokes. Definitely the response that it provokes will depend on each person who beholds it! Everyone interprets things differently and what may be art to some may not be to others.

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